We offer many different designs from a simple one bay garage, to a 3 car garage with a studio apartment above. There are multiple siding and shingle options available, as well as other features such as cupolas, barn doors, and exterior attachments.

Modular Garage Packages

A modular garage is very versatile and cost effective. Just like our modular homes, these garages are built in a factory to maximize efficiency and cost savings. We can build the modular garage to match your new modular home. The garages come complete with siding, roofing, windows and doors, overhead garage doors with openers, and most of them offer living space or storage space in the attic area. The interior of the garage will be insulated, will have all outlets and wiring pre-installed, and drywall installed. Once we arrive with the garage package, it is completed within 72 hours and ready for your cars.

Panelized Garage Packages

As an alternative, we can have your garage built as a panelized kit. The factory will build the walls for your new garage, with all windows and doors. Once built, they are shipped to your lot, and our highly trained craftsman will complete the construction process. Once on site, a panelized garage kit will take 3-5 days to complete.